Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still "young"......I guess

Yes.....I know....some of you still see me as a baby. However, here are the top ten things that are making me realize that I'm not as "young" as I used to be.

10. I can now potentially see many of my first year 5th graders at the local bar. Yes......they turn 21 this year.

9.   College was over a decade ago for me.

8.  I'm over a 1/3 of the way done with my teaching career......(at this point in the year I wish I could add 1  
     or  2 to my numerator)

7. These damn aches and pains are ridiculous. Seriously? Physical therapy for an "injury" I don't even 
    remember getting?

6. Crankiness must come with age. Those voices that I used to save in my head are much more difficult to
    keep in. The funny thing is, I don't really care. I find it nice being able to tell it how it is (still trying to be
    tactful about it though.......however, I see that ending someday).

5. I've had to reprimand teenagers in public several times this past year. However, maybe that has nothing to 
   do with my age. People can't tell me that teenagers have always been like the ones we have today. (please
   Teenage kind to my daughters).

4. I've been blessed by the Grey Hair Gods, but not by the Nose Hair Gods. Seriously....WTF?

3. Is it just me, or have my eyes gotten better? Oh wait........those are just more wrinkles appearing that
    weren't there before. I loved it when wife got new contacts......."Wow....your face". Do you think she
    meant something nice?

2. I've seen many actresses that I was very fond of (won't go there) who are now playing grandmas in

1.  See above picture. Great friends, freshman year of high school.....yes....high school. Wait a sec....did you 
     say almost 20 years ago? in the white hat backwards. Sexy huh?

Old, young......whatever. Being a father and teacher has taught me that you are never to old even though you may feel it (like me). Act goofy, laugh loudly, and enjoy life!

For those of you who follow, maybe it won't take me over a month to write something next time. ;)