Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Well Needed "Man Cave"

Yes.......most guys have thought about "The Switch". Jason Bateman...I feel you.

The top ten reasons that every man should have a “Man Cave”. However, I know most of these fit you mommies too. 

These are the fun things we parents get to deal with. Unfortunately, living in a small house, my opportunities for creating one of these “Man Caves” is limited. I have the “Cat room” (our extra half bath), the shed in the back yard (umm…, laundry room (are you kidding me, getting lost in all those clothes?), and the garage (if it were actually clean). Maybe this is why I take so long in the bathroom. Did you ever think of that my dear wife and children? ;)

The Top Ten Reasons That Every Man Should Have a “Man Cave”

1. There is no mute button for bickering children.

2. Somewhere along the line "Daddy!!" became the girls' favorite word. Yes....that means I'm needed right away.

3. Whining

4. The "Toy Tornado" that I always have to walk through and pick up.

5. I'm a sports freak......they are not. However, I've made some progress on that one.....they love the Timbers and Ducks, so I can usually get away with watching those games as the girls route them on.

6. Sometimes I actually get tired of playing "Jump" from the couch and having to lift my ladies into the air while dancing. I love these times, but I'm not getting any younger.

7. Sometimes the truth hurts. "No girls.......I don't need a bra."

8. "I see your penis!!! Hee hee". Yes, I've heard that a few times. There are too many vaginas in my house. I know it's a foreign object. Hopefully, an object you won't see on another man until you're out of the house.

9. How many times do I have to ask you to do something before it's done? Apparently not just one.

10. Sometimes we just need time to ourselves. Honey, just remember this list on the nights that I stay up late or stay in the bathroom for an extra long period of time.

With these being said, I love being a dad. With every top ten list like this there are three times as many rewarding things.

Oh wait.....seriously......I'm being beckoned and one of my girls is crying. Yee haw! ;)