Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Me time and Friend Time? What Is That?

Me time and Friend Time? What is that?

What is “Me” time? I’ve never heard of it. Oh wait……I remember there was a time about seven years ago when that something in my life was a possibility.

Parents……sound familiar? With getting up in the morning and getting the kids ready, going to work, coming home, taking the kids to activities, coming home to make dinner, cleaning up, spending some time with them before bed, getting them ready for bed, and having some time with the spouse, there isn’t much “Me” time at all! I know some of your schedules (the older your kiddos are) are even more packed.
When I finally have some “Me” time, there is always something else happening. Usually, it’s a little munchkin jumping on my lap wanting to play, or wife requesting something from the kitchen, or countless other errands I have to do. I guess I don’t have to do these things that take up my time, but sometimes there are things that we have to suck up and do to maintain our relationships. 

My youngest daughter can play for an eternity by herself. However, for some reason my oldest has decided a long time ago that she needs one of us to play with her. If she doesn’t have an activity that I’ve planned out or that is semi-exciting, all the down time that I had has been sucked dry. Part of it is the age, and part of it is her dependency. I know I will miss this someday though. It won’t be too long before the teenage years infest my home. At that point I will wish that I had my young ones back. 

So what does a guy like me do to have time to myself?

Wife complains about the length of time I take in the bathroom. Honey, there is a reason I do this. Do you really think it takes me that long to do my business? Had you fooled I guess. You might laugh at this, but this is serious “Me time” business. I do what I want to do without anyone telling me what to do. Reading, playing video games (no I don’t have a TV in the bathroom….just on the phone), every now and then spending time on the laptop (I know….gross right?....that is a legit bitching moment by wife;)). 

Wife has also learned (it has taken years) not to be mad at me if I don’t come to bed. This again is my time. Sitting in my recliner, watching sports without screaming kids, playing video games, just chillaxin’. Yes, there have been some weekends that I have fallen asleep in this spot. Sometimes, I remind myself of my own dad. I guess the difference though is that I woke up my dad for him to go to bed. 

Thank you friends and family for understanding that we don’t have a shitload of time on our hands to spend time with you. It’s a tough balancing act. It’s not that we are purposefully ignoring you. We are truly busy. If we’re not busy, usually we just want to sit down and relax for our own sanity. We love you all, but we love our kids and ourselves just a little more. Any time we do get with you is fantastic. 

Why am I writing this? Because I have some “Me time” right now. ;)

Hopefully, you get some time during the holidays for yourselves, your family, and friends. Happy Holidays!

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