Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Here I am….

Watching sports on a lazy Saturday. I’m still in my pajamas, sitting in a recliner.  The morning coffee still sitting by my side.

The sounds of two girls playing “roll off the couch” when mommy is trying to take a nap. Of course I always tell wife that she should go to the bedroom to take a nap, but of course she responds with her usual “lying in a bed to take a nap makes me sick”. Seriously though, it’s nearly impossible to rest when you are listening to what I am listening to right now. At least it’s not me trying to nap. Even with the screaming and chatter and the constant noise, it’s play where they are getting along, so I can’t complain.  Wife, you can’t complain either when you are making a choice to nap in an area that is consumed by playfulness. It makes me grin ear to ear. However, I must say……wife has this super ability to fall asleep in pretty much any condition on that couch in our living room. I don’t know how this is even possible.

Not a care in the world (including their “sleeping” mother). I love these days.

Now….only if the snow could come on Monday evening so I can have another “Lazy Saturday”.  Wear your pajamas inside out everyone, flush those ice cubes, do those snow dances, and just wish it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!