Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elementary Hoochies

Let me ask you this. Do you think it is ok for girls in elementary school to wear make-up and fake (a few real) piercings? Call me old fashioned, but holy shiznit! Thank God I have some time before my kidlings (both girls) are thrown into or want to be a part of "The In Crowd". "The In Crowd" that tramps around by wearing 1/4 inch thick make-up around their eyes walking next to Kindergartners. Seriously........seriously. Why isn't there a district policy about this?

However, there is one major problem that arises when trying to change certain policies.....parents. Yes, most of you who read this would not let your daughter go out in public as a 12 year old looking like this, but there are way too many that do and support their daughter's "freedom of expression". If this 12 year old was at a middle school setting, I still wouldn't support it, but wouldn't be whining about it. The difference is who sees them. A few years back, there was a student in 5th grade that was wearing too much eye make-up that us teachers (and students) thought was distracting to learning. However, when we informed mom about our concerns she wigged out. "My daughter has the right to express herself in whatever way she deems fit". Ugh! She even threatened to go to "high up" peeps (upper administration) about this. This support for her daughter obviously kind of shocked us. Dealing with this lack of parental support for school rules though has become part of life.

As we always did in our youth, we looked up to those "big kids". When I was a 1st grader I thought those 5th graders were so cool. I doubt times have changed much. Those kids still say those things. In this day and age though it goes something more like this......."that 5th (or 6th) grader is so cool......I want to look like Captain Jack too!!"....ok...not really, but you get the point. Don't we still want role models for younger kids at the elementary school that still show just a tad bit of innocence? What do you think Captain?

When you get to that age though, it's not about playing dress up anymore. This is something I do with my girls, something fun, not distracting, innocent. Hey pre-teen hoochies.........when you are 10-12, you are in the public's eye now. You are influential on my children. You are "role-models" for our future students and younger children. You need to kick your parents in the ass and tell them to actually think about how you should look.

Just venting.....just venting. Hey female teacher friends of mine.....maybe you should cake on make-up like some of these girls and see if you get any parent complaints. Hee hee......just sayin'.