Saturday, January 22, 2011

Top 10 Dad's of Daughters Challenges

10. We have enough barbies and dolls to open up our own store.

9. Doing hair is a pain in the ass. Maybe it's because it's not mine, or maybe it's because their hair looks like animals slept in it all night. If wife and grandma didn't do it most of the time, I would be in trouble.

8. The shrill playing screams and voices will make me get hearing aids by the time I'm 35.

7. Their attitudes aren't getting any better.......the teenage years.....oh God help me.

6. Manipulation, yes already at the fine ages of 4 and 6. I shouldn't stereotype here, but ladies, you are masters of this skill.

5. They are already talking about boys and who they are going to marry....something that probably won't change anytime soon. You boys are this father's nightmare. I'm not looking forward to the drama that will develop in the future.

4. They fight quite often because they want the same toys, so many times we buy two of the same thing (hence the reason for #1)

3. They make fun of my genitalia. There's something about them pointing and laughing at my "stuff" that is disturbing, especially when they team up to do it. (I know.......I hear the jokes......ha ha).

2. Hormones someday in this tiny house, that's all I have to say.

1. Someday, I will have to give them away. A day that every father dreads. Even with all of these challenges, I love having daughters and I feel honored to be their dad.

Enjoy those little ones! Any of you have these similarities, especially fathers?