Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Being consistent with consistency

Seriously.........it is tough being consistent with consistency!

Parenting, teaching, personal choices........everything.

Even though we know we have to be consistent and we know that there will always be the "Gold" at the end of that consistency rainbow, we always fall back to our usual ways. Why? Many reasons.....stress, laziness lack of motivation, and other external variables that get in our way. Many times there are very good reasons. However, many times there are just more excuses as to why we aren't consistent. Very ironic considering the robotic nature of which we operate.....get up in the morning, work, home, evening (very little) and bed. 

I know....I know......"I know this Josiah". For real though, take a look at your life. Remember the times when you have been consistent, what were the outcomes? (ugh.....sounding like a teacher now) I'm guessing they were usually positive and you felt good about yourself. Whether that consistency involved the famous New Year's resolutions of exercising, fad diets, getting more sleep, reaching out to family and friends more often, or simply sticking to what you say. 

As a parent and teacher I'm still building upon my skills to be consistent. It's a battle that never ends. Here are a few things I'm continuing to work on and maybe you can relate. In no particular order.......

1. The best management practices for my own children. Ok.....timeouts don't work like they used to when they were much younger. This "chart of the week" thing isn't working out for us either. Oh wait.....I guess a different chart we come up with each week isn't very consistent isn't it?

2. Consequences and rewards. In my opinion, every child needs both of these. You aren't going to let a dog poop inside and reward him for it are you? Ok.....kids aren't dogs, but they are similar in the way they observe your consistency with how you deliver consequences and rewards.

3. Exercise. Damn this is hard. Every year I exercise from February-August and then the school year bites me in the ass and I seem to drown in the education abyss. Having girls in dance class three days a week doesn't help my case either. However, at least they get some consistency right?

4. Affection. Yes.......I can touch my wife out in public. It makes it hard when we're both school teachers at the same school. It's also amazing how three words can change the aura of people around you.

5. Cleaning. Seriously.......we drown in clothing. Hey Josiah.....there is this thing called folding clothes, maybe you should do it sometime. ;)

6. Blogging......I know I know....it has been way to long between posts.

Be consistent with consistency y'all. It is quite the job, but the rewards can change your lives.