Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Little Things

This is the day we always give thanks to the “big” things in life……family, friends, our faith, shelter, food…..all very important. Then it is Black Friday, and we kill each other. What's up with that?

Aside from those big things, what about those little things we sometimes take for granted? Waking up in the wee hours of the morning with a sick kiddo on this “Day of Thanks” allowed me to ponder some of these little things I’m thankful for (a few big ones too). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m thankful for………….

  •  Having the energy (barely) to take care of a daughter in need of “daddy” in the middle of the night

  • Coffee

  • Friends and family who understand that I have a life with never ending responsibilities and understand that I still love them even though I don’t get to see them much.

  • Smart people
  • Drivers that don’t suck
  • Parents who teach their kids a thing or two about respect and how to treat others

  • My big ears……always holding those pencils (only if they could just hear a little better……..well…..maybe it’s selective hearing)

  • Honesty

  • Being able to take long showers……….anything to help me wake up
  • Clean sheets
  • People who can admit they’re wrong (being prideful is fine and dandy, unless you’re being an ass)

  • Disney

  • My piece of crap recliner, even though you give me back pain

  •  Hearing “daddy”

  • The warmth of the sun (which we need more of…..obviously)

  • Being able to smell (unless you’re in a classroom with sixth graders after PE)

  • For being appreciated

  • People who aren’t lazy (uhhh…….I guess I shouldn’t like me sometimes then)

  • Smiles

  •  Self-checkout at the grocery store so I don’t have to wait behind the people in the express line that decide to take out a bunch of coupons along with writing a check…….oh wait…..they also always need someone to run and go get something for them

  • Technology that doesn’t suck

  • Time alone….something I don’t get often. I need some recharging of testosterone every now and then.

  • Music….especially from artists that can actually sing. I’m so tired of all of those “studio famous” people. I look forward to a time in the future where the music that is created is actually good.

  • Good razors

  • The Chive

  • Sports………..yes, I know……I spend a little too much time on my fantasy teams. I’m also especially thankful for our Oregon Ducks, Portland Trailblazers and Portland Timbers!

  • People who are open to “the world”. Please don’t judge others just because they are different or have other views.

  • Comedy……or anything that makes me laugh.

  • Custodians and everyone else at schools who help make it a better place.

  • Fire (as long as it doesn’t burn my house down)

  • Microwaves

  • Water…… isn’t too bad either

  • When my kids grab my hand or randomly give me a hug

  • Our military

  • Simplicity
  • Packages that open easily during the holiday season (yeah right)

  • Toothbrushes

  • Being an Oregonian
  • Toilets

  • The outdoors

  • People who read this far

  • There are so many more things!

Thank you for being such wonderful friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day!