Friday, December 24, 2010

What is an education?

Being human and enduring the challenges that come with living is one never-ending roller coaster ride. Yes, I'm a thrill seeker. However, nothing can prepare you for those "screw-ups" as a husband and having to deal with the backlash (almost literally), the times where you actually question whether or not you should have had children (no regrets though....let's make that clear ;)), and what students and children do and say that humble you as a human being. We learn from all of these moments by learning through our mistakes, observation and just existing in these realms of life. These experiences are our "Education".

In this blog I'm hoping to share many of these experiences. You will laugh at my wrong doings, relate to my adventures as a parent, and will often follow me into the world of teaching our future.

Why do this you ask? I'm feeling like this is a good way to not only look back on my life that is seeming to go by so fast, but also as a way for me to reflect and share my experiences with you. Living in a home with all females can sometimes be very interesting. This "thrill ride" will only get better as they grow from the youngsters they are to the frightening teens they will become (hopefully they will be perfect angels). However, what is life when you have no challenges? I'm married to a beautiful woman that I've known for over 15 years, but I'm still learning to be the best husband I can be. As you guys know out there, we will never be perfect (even though I sometimes think so). And what about my professional world.....teaching? There are too many stories to tell over the last 11 years (and some I will). I'm hoping those of you with children in the school system can relate to some of my experiences and where education will be going (the constant pendulum swing) in the future.

I'm looking forward to taking some time out of my busy life to share some of my thoughts and experiences. Stay tuned for what my life has to offer.