Friday, December 31, 2010

Father Time

Another year gone by, another wrinkle or two added to my face, another year taking away the “little” out of my children. My how time ticks by! Dad would always say to me…”Son, enjoy your youth while you still have it.” My reply? “Yeah, whatever Dad”, and I blew him off. Well now, nearly turning 34 this next month, those words of my father keep on echoing inside “that place” that never lets me forget. 

Do you remember how long the school year would take when we were kids? I swore that it would never end. The wait until the end of the school year seemed like an eternity. Even the minutes in the day seemed like they ticked by in slow motion, clueless of the flash forward of time that would be inevitable. All I worried about was who I was going to play with at recess and after school, what TV show I would watch in the evening (not much of a choice for me, because we only got 4 channels out in the boonies and that was after dad climbed on the roof to adjust the antenna), and where I would go to build a fort or two. 

Now I worry about what I’m going to teach during my students’ recess, what TV shows I will not let my “innocent” daughters watch (which is challenging in this day and age), and how I can make my “fort” better (money usually being involved this time though). 

I still experience my childhood through my memories that play like a vintage movie, and through my daughters’ imaginative play. However, the youth inside of this body of mine is suddenly changing in interesting ways and it won’t let me forget how time is continually running its course. Many of us “adults” are still kids at heart though and definitely live through our children and the youth of our ever changing world. If only time can slow down just a little, enough for us to think of the important things in life and let us appreciate the little time we really do have on this Earth. I would love to have more time to soak in the precious moments that are starting to play faster every year. If only life was a DVR, if only. 

Live today, remember always, and never forget what is important. 

Have a wonderful start to your new year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


-a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

This word………….the hype every year……the tradition. What will it be? Exercise more? Eat better? Spend less? Spend more time with family? Get a better job? Get into a relationship that actually lasts?
Most of these really come down to a goal for our personal self. Many of these resolutions we never really come close to accomplishing (at least for me). I guess if you look at the definition, the determination is lacking for many of us. So what is it that bogs us down from meeting our goal? The craziness of work, coming home exhausted, worrying about making ends meet, spending as much time possible with the family. It is hard to make a resolution for the self with all of this going on. The last thing I want to do after working with crazy kids all day is to come home and go for a run. I also don’t find it too inviting to freeze my ass off in January. Yes, of course I will continue working as hard trying to do all of those things that people usually pick as resolutions. However, this year I’m going to work on smaller (but challenging) attainable goals that don’t have to do with exercise or money. This year I’m focusing on many resolutions that I have time for and can attain.
Considering this blog is all about my education, I’ve learned enough about what I need to work on as a husband, father, and teacher. I know that there are many more where these come from!
Hear, Ye! Hear, Ye! I give you my top 10 list of 2011………
1.       Always look at wife when she is talking to me. I can say I hear everything when I’m not looking at her, but she has learned to call me on it and I usually fail.
2.       When the kids are yelling “Daddy! Daddy!” be sure I acknowledge the or else the walls will come down.  
3.       Cleaning up after dinner is better than waiting until the morning. Why? Considering we are always running late anyways, we can’t do it in the morning. When does it get done you ask? Right before dinner the next day.
4.       Maybe I can actually keep my room clean by folding clothes (however…..this one seems to always fail). I’ve gotten used to it though……it makes me feel at home. Ok…..I’m just trying to make myself feel better……usually I feel like a slob. Where’s the maid?
5.       When I get on the computer when the kids are playing, turn it off and play Barbies with them instead. I know what kind of genitalia I have. Fathers……it’s ok to do this. I just need to do more of it. Now….I admit there could be a problem if you are caught playing with Barbies without your daughters.
6.       Actually pick up certain things behind the bathroom door in the morning after I take a shower (Keely…..that one is for you). It’s not as bad as you think.
7.       As a teacher, I need to make more of an effort connecting with parents at home. When it comes down to it, the parents are the real reason that their kids can be little shits. I’ll do what I can, which usually means little or nothing, but at least I will try.
8.       Teach what I want to teach. I’m tired of being told what to always do. Where has the joy of teaching gone? Of course, I will have to plan the instruction in a way that “fits” with the district vision. However, two can play this game……booya!
9.       Spend less time on Facebook (and/or Internet) and more time in a book. Yes…..I’m sure it is very common. However, maybe I can actually read a book this next year and can have conversations with my students and spouse about them. If only I didn’t get so tired and could actually read more than 15 minutes at a time!
10.   Keep up on this blog! Only time will tell if I can actually do this. My life has always been wicked busy. However, actually being creative in some way is important.
This year, I challenge you to work on the little things. The little things can make the world of difference in your lives. Let me know how it goes! I would love to hear comments. If you relate in some way I’d love to hear about it! ;)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

Oh the anticipation of the big day. It seems like just yesterday when we were making bets on when the Christmas music would start, I was putting up the lights (you men feel my pain), getting our tree very early (surprised it’s not dead yet), and prepping for the festivities.
Where did the time go? I think with a lot of us this holiday season it was nice to have something to look forward to. It was a needed escape from the reality of our floundering economy and the hardships that many of us face during these times. Whether it was your connection with family, friends, church or purely just caught up in the holiday spirit, something positive in our lives helps all of us keep truckin’.
However…..boom, flash…it’s now over. Personally, today is one of the most depressing days of the year for me and many individuals across the nation. Not only are we recovering from the food and drink hangovers, clean-up of family gatherings, and lack of sleep from “Santa” coming, but us with kiddos also realize that our children will be another year older our next Christmas together. Is it just me that finds this depressing? However, maybe sitting in my recliner in all of my laziness breeds this.
Even though the day after can be depressing, it gives me time to think of the importance of not taking our time together for granted and to spend every second soaking up even the things we would consider annoying or hard to deal with from our children and/or family. Before we know it our little tykes will start hearing the rumors of Santa from “Scrooge” along with all of the other comments and experiences that transform the innocence of our children. Trust me… happens. The children now days are growing up way to fast in this society. Come visit my classroom and/or school and you will know what I’m talking about. Those of you with older children can probably vouch for this. Maybe I worry too much or it has something to do with being a father of daughters (oh please God…help me!). ;)
No matter the case or the negativity you might think I exude, Christmas was still magical for my family and my “little ladies”. A bit of “Christmas Vacation” and enjoying all of the “little” things this holiday make the preparation all worthwhile. I hope the time that you had or will have with your family was or will be all that you dreamed of and more.
Until next time…….Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 24, 2010

What is an education?

Being human and enduring the challenges that come with living is one never-ending roller coaster ride. Yes, I'm a thrill seeker. However, nothing can prepare you for those "screw-ups" as a husband and having to deal with the backlash (almost literally), the times where you actually question whether or not you should have had children (no regrets though....let's make that clear ;)), and what students and children do and say that humble you as a human being. We learn from all of these moments by learning through our mistakes, observation and just existing in these realms of life. These experiences are our "Education".

In this blog I'm hoping to share many of these experiences. You will laugh at my wrong doings, relate to my adventures as a parent, and will often follow me into the world of teaching our future.

Why do this you ask? I'm feeling like this is a good way to not only look back on my life that is seeming to go by so fast, but also as a way for me to reflect and share my experiences with you. Living in a home with all females can sometimes be very interesting. This "thrill ride" will only get better as they grow from the youngsters they are to the frightening teens they will become (hopefully they will be perfect angels). However, what is life when you have no challenges? I'm married to a beautiful woman that I've known for over 15 years, but I'm still learning to be the best husband I can be. As you guys know out there, we will never be perfect (even though I sometimes think so). And what about my professional world.....teaching? There are too many stories to tell over the last 11 years (and some I will). I'm hoping those of you with children in the school system can relate to some of my experiences and where education will be going (the constant pendulum swing) in the future.

I'm looking forward to taking some time out of my busy life to share some of my thoughts and experiences. Stay tuned for what my life has to offer.